Our structured procedures are helpful before, during and after the transaction.

Are you seeking growth capital for your enterprise, an equity partner or a successor? Or would you like to participate in business activities under a management buyout (MBO)? Our structured procedures are helpful before, during and after the transaction.

Roadmap to success

Successful cooperation requires clear structures. From the beginning. That is why we at Abacus alpha have created a roadmap for the transaction process. It has been carefully thought through, and it reliably leads us in stages to the achievement of our goal for the benefit of all participants.

Transaction process
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    After signing a confidentiality agreement, we get to know one another through a non-binding conversation. This provides us with a first impression: what does your business model look like? How sustainable is it? How well do we fit with one another?

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    Letter of Intent

    If both sides form a positive impression, we carry out an initial company valuation on the basis of business performance indicators. We draw up a non-binding purchase price offer in the form of a letter of intent.

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    Due Diligence

    If our ideas coincide, the next phase involves due diligence: a period of in-depth, careful assessment. In dialogue with you and on the basis of key documentation, we analyse your business’s opportunities and risks, strengths and weaknesses.

  • 4

    Binding offer

    If the results of this assessment confirm our positive image, we extend a binding offer to you.

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    Purchase negotiations

    If our binding offer is accepted, purchase agreement negotiations commence and transaction details are specified.

Dr Heiko JoppChief Technology Officer, Abacus alpha

‘Professionalism and a clear structure form the basis of a successful transaction.’

Investment management

Following a successful transaction process, the actual cooperation begins: planning for a shared future, new opportunities and continuous growth. In this process, each investment is assigned a permanent contact partner at Abacus alpha. This partner advises existing management, provides support to the company’s strategic orientation and builds promising bridges to additional investment firms.

The Abacus alpha principle for ongoing investment management:
  • We rely on cooperation with the current board of directors and will not interfere in the day-to-day running of the business. In addition, we have few requirements concerning standardised control tools. We are comfortable with the individual coordination and assessment tools customarily used in business management. In this process, we schedule monthly status meetings with management. In situations involving succession, we work together with the responsible leadership, making joint decisions regarding the search for suitable executives. 

  • We bring in perspectives and achieve goals by putting together the strategic framework, together with the management of an associated company: we do this by articulating the mission and vision and coming up with concrete action plans for achieving the goals as well as regularly reviewing them.

  • We drive continued strategic development and use personal dialogue, sound judgement and intuition to create synergies. Our investment managers bring transaction expertise to the table. Their experience often encompasses industry expertise and, in all cases, specialist knowledge in a wide variety of areas, including human resources, marketing and sales strategy, financing, and internationalisation. As coaches and sparring partners, they support management in a systematic and effective manner. Annual impulse meetings and expert workshops in the business community also promote communication between the portfolio companies, which can lead to opportunities to collaborate.

Success story

Daring to take the next step

Re-examining the familiar, identifying opportunities, living and breathing innovation: these strengths have been a central theme throughout ASB’s history. The company was founded as an interiors specialist in 1965. The first milestone was the development of an intelligent prefabricated construction system: the Prefabricated Aluminium Construction System (in German, Aluminium-Systembauweise, or ASB). More than 100 buildings have been constructed with it.

The next innovation was in the world of sports, in the form of the ASB SquashCourt. With its young managing director and Abacus alpha on board, ASB now wants to revolutionise this area for a second time. We have had a great start: Spectacular ASB glass floor installations are already thrilling audiences in the first multisport arenas in Germany and Europe.

‘I want to make a difference. Abacus alpha encourages me in this respect with the kind of experience and expertise that, as a young entrepreneur, I cannot possibly have yet. We have very good weekly discussions about our current situation, our goals, and the best strategy going forward. That is how we can achieve our visions step by step.’

Christof Babinsky
Managing Director, ASB Systembau Horst Babinsky GmbH

‘The ASB GlassFloor and ASB Architectural products are completely redefining efficiency, performance, and aesthetics in their target markets. As a sports floor solution for example, ASB GlassFloor exceeds all requirements and impresses with its unmatched variability and quality of experience. We are proud to be able to support the company over the long term and thus bring the future into markets that are changing slowly but sustainably.’

Thomas Götzmann (on the right)
Investment Manager, Abacus alpha

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