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We grow through our investments – grow with us.

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Airinotec GmbH

The specialist for air conditioning concepts, modern automation solutions and intelligent service products.

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Overview of
investment activity

Abacus alpha values innovation and dynamics in medium-sized companies. Our focus is on technology-based enterprises in industry, trade and services. We offer a long-term partnership for the development of new perspectives and shared growth. As founders, we are also committed to these aims.


In their search for a strategy to manage succession, family enterprises find in Abacus alpha an investment company that perpetuates the achievements of a lifetime.

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As a partner for growth financing, we combine the dynamics of a medium-sized company with the solidity and financial capacity of our partner. Our partner’s main activities focus on a traditional exchange-listed industrial enterprise.

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Abacus alpha invests capital and expertise in enterprises seeking to take their business to the next level geographically and to expand globally.

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Startup / Company Building

With the spin-off of the company builder Abacus neo, we are underlining our ambition to develop ideas in the early stages into long-term successful companies.

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Our investment focus

We participate in technology-based, medium-sized companies seeking new perspectives for shared growth.

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Christof BabinskyManaging Director ASB Systembau Horst Babinsky GmbH

‘Abacus alpha recognised the potential of our business idea straight away and developed us into a team of entrepreneurs.’

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Dr. Maciej PasternakInvestment Manager Abacus alpha

‘From new manufacturing processes to innovative materials - we invest in the future.’

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Our portfolio

Abacus alpha’s investments portfolio is a mixture of new and established enterprises with great potential for development and growth, generating yields that sometimes exceed the industry average.

Abacus Experten GmbHServices
Personnel services for commerce, trade and industry – this is how Abacus Experten GmbH describes its service offering. The company, founded by Abacus alpha as a 100% holding, continues to expand and already has seven branches in Germany.
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Abacus neo GmbHOpportunities
As our company builder, Abacus neo develops ideas into long-term successful companies. And success is no coincidence: with the scalable neo process, Abacus neo supports structured start-ups and spin-offs.
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Abacus Resale GmbHServices
Abacus Resale GmbH specialises in the purchasing and selling of pumps, engines and fittings for industrial applications. The company operates throughout Europe as a partner for the valuation of products and entire inventories in this sector, as well as for the recycling of returns.
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AddVolt SAClean tech / green tech
AddVolt offers the world’s first plug-in system for operating mobile cooling units. AddVolt supplies mobile cooling units powered by electrical energy for vans, lorries, transport trailers and refrigerated containers. This technology is ending the transport- and logistics sectors’ dependency on diesel, and reducing CO2 emissions.
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AIM Service Italia S.r.l.Services
The technicians and service experts at AIM Service Italia specialise in the maintenance and servicing of complex industrial plants in the chemical, petrochemical, refinery and power generation sectors. The company operates as a flexible, mobile, multi-service partner for industrial customers around the world, with outstanding success.  
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airinotec GmbHClean tech / green tech
airinotec GmbH in Bayreuth is an international supplier of systems for the machinery and plant construction sectors, specialising in industrial air conditioning and process air technology. airinotec develops innovative air conditioning concepts for processing and production environments, offering state-of-the art automation solutions and intelligent service products.  
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ASB Rental Solutions GmbHInnovative materials and production processes
“We rent out fascination” is the performance promise of ASB Rental Solutions GmbH. This business is an Abacus alpha startup company. Product highlights are the multi-functional monitor glass floors supplied by our portfolio company ASB. These innovative floors create a new way to experience visual space.
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ASB Systembau Horst Babinsky GmbHInnovative materials and production processes
ASB is revolutionising the world of sport and its architecture. The company, founded in 1965 in Stein, near Nuremberg, is now causing a stir with special illuminated and interactive glass floors for multi-sport arenas, and with LED and video glass surfaces for architectural projects.
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AUTEC Softwareentwicklung und Hardwareplanung GmbHAutomation and digitisation
AUTEC GmbH operates in the areas of IT and automation, as well as planning and consultancy. The company implements and supervises highly complex automation projects on behalf of industrial customers and public contracting authorities.
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Fireboard GmbHServices
Fireboard GmbH offers specialised software for fire brigades and organisations responsible for safety. Fireboard also provides training and consultancy services, where the company shares operations management expertise specific to the customer.
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Jumag Dampferzeuger GmbHClean tech / green tech
Jumag Dampferzeuger GmbH in Hirschberg, near Mannheim, has been developing, producing and marketing oil and gas-fired steam generators for over 40 years. The company is distinguished by its innovation, its own patents, and a skilled development and service team.
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Ludwig Heuse GmbH interim-management.deServices
Ludwig Heuse Interim has been operating successfully in the market since 1993, and has made its name as both a pioneer and a premium partner in the interim management sector. The company has an unequalled pool of interim managers, and it provides fast and effective support to customers, with tailor-made management solutions.
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PersonalHub Holding GmbHServices
PersonalHub supports companies in the areas of digital recruiting, employer branding, new work and further training. Especially for SMEs, the PersonalHub Group develops digital solutions for modern HR work.
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Salinnova GmbHClean tech / green tech
Salinnova stands for innovation and energy efficiency in the desalination of seawater and brackish water. The SALINO 4-in-1 technology is a groundbreaking product – a high-pressure pump, a pressure booster pump, an energy recovery device and an electric drive, all in one.
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SMART PR GmbHServices
SMART PR is a PR agency from Düsseldorf for holistic communication with expertise in online PR, social media and strategy consulting.
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VinRoc Solutions GmbHAutomation and digitisation
The future technologies of the 21st century belong to the fields of vision sensor systems, robotics and artificial intelligence. These are being developed and made available to industrial customers by startups such as VinRoc. The company, co-founded by Abacus alpha, is regarded as a powerful enabler for Industry 4.0 solutions.
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VSR Elektrotechnik GmbHAutomation and digitisation
VSR Elektrotechnik GmbH plans and implements sophisticated automated solutions for industrial customers. The VSR team specialises in electrical engineering, instrument and control engineering (ICE), and automation. VSR supervises projects in the key area of control engineering.
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Portfolio overview

We develop investments by honestly creating new perspectives for the long term.

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Our team

Poised for strategic corporate development –  with professionalism, sound judgement and empathy.

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