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We are Abacus alpha: the community for business

Abacus alpha is an experienced and financially sound investment company. We think and act on a long-term basis, promote joint working structures and create synergies through cooperation and the targeted expansion of our portfolio.

This is how we have developed an agile business community, one that is constantly growing and open to offering participants new perspectives for the long term.

We invest in companies that operate in the areas of automation and digitisation, clean tech/green tech and the development of innovative materials and manufacturing processes. We also focus on companies that represent in our view a good fit with our business community and that offer promising opportunities. Central to this focus are technology-based activities, digitisation, Industry 4.0 and artificial intelligence – which also falls under the services and trade sector.

Minority and majority participation are possible.

Our history

Abacus alpha is an investment firm owned by a holding company with majority participation in a traditional exchange-listed industrial enterprise.

The initiation of Abacus alpha GmbH’s business operations in 2006 laid the foundations for a constantly growing business community. Cooperatively aligned to this community are traditional majority and minority shareholdings in established medium-sized companies with strong and often above-average market positioning and profitability in the industry. The community also includes promising start-ups and companies we ourselves have incorporated. Abacus alpha’s total portfolio currently comprises 18 investments. These companies form a unique community by networking and exchanging with one another, learning from one another and taking advantage of synergies.

Our milestones
  • 2006


    After incorporating as a limited liability company in December 2005, Abacus alpha GmbH commenced activity in 2006.

  • August 2010

    New to the market: Abacus Experten GmbH

    In 2010, Abacus Personaldienstleistungen GmbH is incorporated as a 100 per cent shareholding to continue and expand the services initially generated by Abacus alpha GmbH. In 2015, the company is renamed Abacus Experten GmbH after establishing new service areas such as IT and Facility Services.

    In 2010, Abacus alpha also acquires majority share participation in two non-competitive medium-sized companies in the sectors of thermal water treatment and separation and filter technology. 

  • September 2011

    Industrial services and engineering

    The AIM Group supports operators of large-scale power stations and industrial plants by providing highly qualified experts in servicing and engineering. This is a growth opportunity in which Abacus Experten GmbH initially participates as a minority shareholder.

  • 2012

    Start-up investment

    Abacus alpha invests in a start-up that develops technology for encrypted news transmission, working without intermediate data storage on servers. The new venture is unable to establish itself in the market, however.

  • February 2014

    Technology trading for industrial users

    Taking over an activity from its sister company, Abacus alpha becomes co-founder and majority shareholder of Abacus Resale GmbH. The new establishment specialises in the purchase and sale, as well as the assessment and return, of pumps, engines and fittings for industrial use.

  • Year of growth: 2015

    Seven new companies are added to the portfolio

    The portfolio is expanded by seven additions, including Fireboard GmbH with solutions for the IT-based management of emergency personnel and AIM Service Italia S.r.l. as a service provider for industrial plants. Also acquired are Pyreg GmbH (2020 sale of shares to the anchor shareholder), VSR Elektrotechnik GmbH specialising in measurement and control technology and airinotec GmbH in the area of air conditioning and process air technology.

    Two other investments are unsuccessful: software to manage the work of supervisory boards and a start-up in the area of human-robot collaboration.

  • May and December 2016

    Systematically enhanced

    Abacus alpha expands its portfolio: from May 2016 with a participation in ASB Systembau Horst Babinsky GmbH. ASB develops and builds special glass floors providing visual experiences for sporting and trade fair events. In December 2016 Abacus alpha acquires business shares in JobTender 24 GmbH, which are bought back by the founders in August 2020.

  • Solid in 2017

    Strengthening in all areas

    The business community is growing in all investment areas within its focus. Newly added for this year: Salinnova GmbH, a machine manufacturer specialising in high-pressure pumps. AddVolt SA in Portugal provides plug-in electric power for mobile refrigerated transport systems. Beyond these, Autec Softwareentwicklung und Hardwareplanung GmbH provides IT experts for solutions in the areas of digitisation and Industry 4.0, and mobileJobs GmbH is a recruiting and human resource services provider in the blue-collar labour market.

  • February 2018

    Fascination takes the floor

    If the floor at an event becomes a monitor and provides visual experiences, ASB Rental Solutions GmbH is probably behind it. The company, a 100 per cent Abacus alpha holding, hires out ASB Systembau Horst Babinsky GmbH’s illuminated floors.

  • March 2019

    High tech, steam and interim management

    The minority shareholding in Swedish specialists ANS Applied Nano Surfaces Sweden AB also represents investments in new materials. The 2019 investment year is capped by two company successions: JUMAG Dampferzeuger GmbH operates machinery and facilities for industrial steam production, while Ludwig Heuse GmbH is the premier partner for the selection and placement of interim managers.

  • April 2020

    Building companies through artificial intelligence

    In April 2020 Abacus alpha, together with a partner, forms VinRoc Solutions GmbH. The company, an Industry 4.0 enabler, specialises in vision sensor technology, robotics and artificial intelligence.

  • April 2022

    Flexible use of digital HR solutions

    Our investment PersonalHub as a group of companies and full-service partner supports companies in the areas of digital recruiting, employer branding, new work and further training. The company develops digital solutions for modern HR work, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises.

  • July 2023

    Focus on company building

    With the spin-off of the company builder Abacus neo, we are underlining our ambition to develop ideas in the early stages into successful long-term companies.

  • December 2023

    Participation in communications agency

    Düsseldorf-based communications agency SMART PR GmbH, which specializes in online PR and social media relations, is now part of the Abacus alpha Group. The cooperation will strengthen the competitiveness of SMART PR and at the same time the expertise of the Abacus alpha Group in the areas of online communication and content creation.


Our aim is to develop a diversified, highly profitable, forward-looking and technology-based group of companies. The spectrum is complemented by services and trade. We therefore seek to maintain a balanced structure made up of new and established companies.
  • We do not buy in order to sell.

    We think and act on a long-term basis and an orientation towards the future. Our strategy involves

    buying and holding – maintaining companies on a long-term and sustainable basis, and

    buying and building – taking advantage of shared strengths for growth and expansion of the market position, and creating synergies within the business community

  • We value and respect the historical development and individuality of an enterprise and the people who work for it. We assume responsibility with a goal of helping the company achieve long-term success while respecting its values and its business culture. We promote the sustainability of lifetime achievements and the safeguarding of family interests.

  • We also invest capital. Our capital investments profit from our network in numerous ways. As a business community, we make it easier for international structures to be developed or expanded, for example. We promote knowledge transfer and enable enterprises to learn from each other. We also provide services and create synergies in the areas of human resources, controlling, IT or accounting. 

  • We help ideas find a market. If a business idea has genuine potential and if its realisation is a strategic benefit for our business community, then we turn it into reality - as a founder or partner in building the company. This is how we help ideas find their market. 

  • We provide a great deal of freedom. We are convinced that management’s individual responsibility, freedom and room to manoeuvre are important factors in a company’s success.

Abacus alpha in figures


In this year, Abacus alpha commenced activity


Approximate number of employees in all companies in the Abacus alpha portfolio


Besides its twelve minority and majority shareholdings, Abacus alpha currently holds 100 % ownership in six companies

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Professionals in the team control the deal flow and manage the portfolio

In theory, the duration of the investments is unlimited – ‘Buy, hold and build’ is Abacus alpha’s motto

Our team
We tie experiences and accurate analyses to empathy and sound judgement, and we give new career professionals a chance.
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Memberships and expert network

We play a role in shaping the future with leading partners and representing the interests of our business community. Important success factors in this process are the continuous maintenance and expansion of an extensive and rapidly growing international network of experts.

Abacus alpha is effectively networked and active in important trade associations. We are full members of the German Private Equity and Venture Capital Association (BVK), the German Association of Mergers and Acquisitions e.V., and the Economic Council of Germany. At the international level, Abacus alpha is a member of Transeo aisbl, an initiative for promoting the transfer of small and medium-sized companies in the Benelux Region and France.


Jumag steams ahead

In breweries, textile cleaning and laundry services: An efficient and environmentally safe steam supply is essential for many production and working processes. This is provided by JUMAG Dampferzeuger GmbH. The company founded by Theo Jungel has been developing, constructing, delivering and maintaining innovative steam production facilities for more than 40 years. The most recent chapter of this success story has only just begun with the entry of Abacus alpha in 2019.

‘The entry of Abacus alpha has opened up new and long-term planning opportunities to us. We know we have found the best choice for our employees and the future of Jumag Dampferzeuger GmbH.’

Andreas Kohl
Managing Director, Jumag Dampferzeuger GmbH

‘The team spirit and the employees’ identification with Jumag fascinated us from the start. As investors, we are proud to have a company in the portfolio that is developing so powerfully.’

Frank Hüther
Managing Director, Investment Manager, Abacus alpha

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