Investment focus

Our participation opens up new perspectives for your business model and our business community

Abacus alpha seeks investment opportunities to develop and expand its long-term investment portfolio. We value innovation and dynamics in medium-sized companies. Our focus is on technology-based enterprises in industry, trade and services with business models suitable for our areas of investment.

Areas of investment

We participate in enterprises that use their technologies, services and products to shape the world of tomorrow. Through innovation, growth potential and future viability in clearly defined areas of investment.

Automation and digitisation
Productivity is measured through output in relation to labour input. Labour input can be reduced by introducing automation, digitisation and Industry 4.0 concepts while enhancing performance and increasing quality. This is the future. Companies that shape this future through their ideas and products are likely to be a good match for our portfolio.


Clean tech / green tech
Society is facing huge responsibilities related to climate change and scarcity of resources. We are rising to the challenge by investing in companies that ensure efficiency and sustainability in the energy sector and in the use of natural resources, specifically through water consumption, treatment and reclamation technologies.


Innovative materials and production processes
In nanotechnology, innovative composite materials, surface technologies and 3D printing: new additive materials and manufacturing processes have the potential to revolutionise production methods and many product properties. We actively invest in and market the enterprises that develop these innovations, contributing our capital, strategic skills and experience as well as the opportunities provided by our network.


Companies in other business areas can also obtain investment capital from Abacus alpha and can gain new perspectives through cooperation and exchange within our business community. Our investment commitment depends primarily on a solid business model, opportunities for long-term market success and a business culture that fits with our own. B2C companies and the pharmaceutical, biotech and chemical industries do not fall within our strategic focus.


Commercial and industrial services, expert advice for enterprises, service power on demand or qualified employees for temporary projects: innovative human resources services are the key to Abacus alpha’s agile economy and emphasis on investment.

Overview of investment activity

Abacus alpha has a particular interest in enterprises that build on growth technologies. New enterprises should have a product with a record of initial sales achievement that is ready for series production; in individual cases, we also step in at earlier stages.

Established companies should be generating appreciable sales, ideally with a positive cash flow. A prerequisite is a solid ranking in the relevant market or the capacity to achieve this. Companies undergoing restructuring or insolvency proceedings can be considered in exceptional cases.

Abacus alpha shareholding can take the form of either majority or minority participation. In this respect, we are open to partnerships with solid, well-known M&A agencies, corporate finance institutions or banks and savings banks wishing to broker investments.


Many medium-sized companies are owner-managed. If the next generation is not available for succession, the company’s future is in question. To secure jobs, the business culture and long-standing customer relations for the benefit of the family and everyone involved, a strong partner is needed.

Where preconditions are met, Abacus alpha plays this role by assuming corporate responsibility in accordance with regulations on succession. We have respect for the historical development and individuality of an enterprise and the people working in it. In this way, our entry enables lifetime achievements to be maintained in long-term and stable structures.


Expansion promises additional sales and a long-term increase in profits. In the short term, however, an expansion of business activities only creates initial expenditure. Enterprises with good prospects can receive necessary capital from Abacus alpha as growth financing in return for participation.

This enables us to add further valuable assets to our financial strength: professional structuring expertise, analytic capabilities, management experience and a strong partnership network in the form of a business community that creates synergies.


Taking the leap into new market regions requires courage, capital and experience in dealing with local structures. This courage must always come from the enterprise. Abacus alpha can support companies by providing capital and valuable experience contributed by members of the business community. In this way, our portfolio companies enjoy multiple benefits and are able to achieve success in the global expansion of their business.

Start-up / Company Building

With the spin-off of the company builder Abacus neo (, we are underlining our ambition to develop ideas in the early stages into long-term successful companies.

Dr Bertold BiffarInvestment Manager Abacus alpha

‘The managing directors of “my” investment holdings are from the Netherlands, Portugal, and Germany. Different countries, different ways of doing things. At the end of the day, they all share an uncompromising and tireless commitment to the customer, the constant question being “How can I make things easier for my customer and remove obstacles for him”.’

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