Abacus alpha is an investment company centred around a tradition-steeped, multinational listed company. We invest in companies that work in or for the following areas: energy, water, waste water and materials. Technology-oriented activities as well as services and trade are of particular interest to us. Both minority and majority shareholdings are possible.


We value and encourage an environment that allows both the business and the corporate culture to flourish. We respect a company’s historical development and individuality, as well as the people who work for it.
We aim to retain the values that have evolved. We allow a life’s work to be continued and the interests of family members to be safeguarded. We develop existing potential – by all means jointly – and provide support to young companies.


We do not buy to sell. Our strategy focuses on the long term:

Buy and hold – maintaining the company with a long-term, sustainable focus.

Buy and build – utilising combined strengths to grow and expand the market position

abacus_alpha_team_0004_Ebene-15„Abacus alpha is the investment company with a long-term strategy.“

Thomas Götzmann, Investment Manager


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