Sustainable growth requires a professional environment with collaboration based on trust.

Our aim is to develop a business group with a balanced structure of young and established companies. In doing so, we pursue a combination of proven and new technologies. Services and trade round off this spectrum.


Some ideas need time to develop and bear fruit.

We do not buy to sell. We think and act long term, with a focus on the future. Our strategy comprises

  • Buy and hold – maintaining the company with a long-term, sustainable focus.
  • Buy and build – tapping joint strengths to grow and expand the market position.


A company needs its roots to stay true to itself.

We value and respect a company’s historical development and individuality, as well as the people who work for it. We take responsibility and want the company – respecting its values and corporate culture – to remain successful in the long term. We allow a life’s work to be continued and the interests of family members to be safeguarded.


We provide solid ground for promising business models, enabling them to develop successfully.

We provide more than capital.  Our investments benefit from our network. For example, by making it easier to set up or expand international structures. Promoting knowledge transfers. Providing services for HR, controlling and accounting. We help bring ideas to the market.


Light and air promote growth.

We provide a lot of freedom.  We are convinced that allowing the management direct responsibility, freedom and scope for action is an important factor for a company’s success.