All employees in our team have extensive transactional and management experience to ensure that acquisitions and investments are successful. We combine sound judgement with careful analysis. Our specialists’ experience is a result of management roles in national and multinational groups as well as SMEs. This allows us to understand our partners’ circumstances – in transaction processes as well as portfolio companies – and successfully support the strategic development of the company. In our eyes, interpersonal understanding is just as important as understanding facts and figures.

abacus_alpha_team_0008_Ebene 7Dr. Bertold Biffar
Investment Manager

Dr. Manfred Fleißner
Chief Technology Officer,
Investment Manager

Lars Gehlen
Investment Manager

abacus_alpha_team_0009_Ebene 5Thomas Götzmann
Chief Financial Officer, Investment Manager

abacus_alpha_team_0004_Ebene 11Dr. Steffen Huth
Investment Manager

Frank Hüther
Managing Director,
Investment Manager

abacus_alpha_team_0013_Ebene 1Sladjana Obadovic
Head of Investment Controlling

Dr. Maciej Pasternak
Technology Scout, Investment Manager

Laura Stoll
Investment Controlling

Karina Zeitz
Marketing & Sales