“Fertile ground” on which companies help each other to grow

Abacus alpha seeks investment opportunities to build up and expand its long-term investment portfolio. We value the innovative strength and dynamism of medium-sized enterprises. We seek industrial, commercial and service companies that work in or for the following areas, and a focus on technology is welcome:

  • energy
  • water and waste water
  • innovative materials
  • clean/green technologies
  • industry 4.0
  • energy efficiency, conserving resources, treatment, reuse, sustainability
  • HR services 


We are particularly interested in companies that build on growth technologies.
Young companies should have a production-ready product that has generated initial sales. In individual cases, we also get involved in earlier phases.
Established companies should be generating significant sales, ideally with a positive cash flow. A good position in the relevant market or the ability to achieve this is a prerequisite. Cases of restructuring cases and insolvency are also conceivable.
In succession arrangements, our involvement allows a life’s work to be continued in long-term stable structures.
Both minority and majority shareholdings are possible.
Abacus alpha is open to cooperating with solid, well-respected M&A agencies, corporate finance institutes and private banks that wish to broker investments.
The strategic focus is not on B2C companies and the pharmaceuticals, biotech and chemicals industries.

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„We invest in startups as well as established companies.“

Dr. Steffen Huth, Investment Manager

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