For sustainable growth, the ground, environment and location need to be just right.

Are you an entrepreneur looking for growth capital, a co-shareholder or successor? Or would you like to do business as part of a management buy-out (MBO)? Our structured approach helps you before, during and after a transaction.

After signing a confidentiality agreement, we will get to know each other over an informal chat. This allows us to gain an initial impression: What is your business model like? How future-proof is it? Are we compatible with one another?

If both sides have a positive impression, we perform an initial company valuation based on key business data. We formulate a non-binding purchase price offer as part of a letter of intent.

If our ideas are similar, a due diligence phase (thorough, careful assessment) will follow. In a dialogue with you and based on the key documents, we will analyse the opportunities and risks, strengths and weaknesses of your company. Essentially, the valuation is based on the following:

  • market and commercial due diligence (market and competition analysis, business model, success factors)
  • technical due diligence (products, services, technologies, state of technology)
  • financial due diligence (finances, taxes, insurance)
  • legal due diligence (e.g. employment law, contract law)

If the results of this assessment confirm our positive impression, we will provide you with a binding offer.

We will clarify the details of the impending transaction during subsequent contract negotiations.

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„Professionality and a clear structure are the basis for a successful transaction.”

Dr. Manfred Fleißner, Chief Technology Officer